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Hive believes a huge part of what makes city unique is not just the people but the businesses that lie within. When we explore our city, we love to discover new places, find our favorites, and share them with our friends. These are the places we consider gems of our city and that keeps our community thriving.

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Small Business Affiliate

As part of Hive’s Small Business Affiliate program, we accept small businesses that are doing their thing and doing it well. We seek the neighborhood gems, the new hot spots and those that are looking for an extra boost of visibility.

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Hive is seeking corporate sponsors who share similar values as Hive! We’re able to create worthwhile sponsorship packages that are personalized from what your company is seeking and what we can offer.

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Don’t fit into the other categories but would like to discuss how to create an equally beneficial partnership with Hive? We are open to collaborating with select online businesses, venues and non-profits.

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